Morning Smiles (Part Two)

My breath catches in the pastel morning

And in you –

You, with your tousled dark hair

And sleepy eyes

Wearing your naughty smile

And very little else

Unthreading my hand through my heart

Threading it through yours

Lead me, honey

Hurry me through your whispers

To where you taste the sweetest

A bead of sweat. A stifled cry

Open flower of scarlet fire –

Your skin is no more than a breath

Was it mine caught in limbo? Or is it yours

That I have been for so long holding

If my only purpose for you is warmth

Then keep me where you’re the softest

And don’t let go of me

Because all we are now is a moment

that is fleeting and a flame that is flickering

Mirrored in a love that keeps on spreading.

NJP 19.02.2010

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