Insightful Conclusion (Is It enough?)

Roses wrapped in perfumed hearts

Love engraved messages on candy-minted tarts

Smiles drawn across the face

Things we’ve chosen to efface

Boundless make out sessions in a car

Oversexed ballads channeled through a guitar

Movies with an in amatory ending

Sessions of relationships pending or mending

With scrutiny we have endured…

.. through all life’s scuffles we’ve become inured

Must this be enough?

Is it enough?

What is enough?

Because my inclinations aren’t enough?

Isn’t this all a bluff?

Passions burning

Lovers’ learning

Bodies yearning

Diseases concerning

Should I be cautious for the both of us?

What concerns “us”?

Is there an “us”?

Because I can’t finish the equation if there is no “us.”

Am I free to assume?

Are you ready to consume?

Is that fair to presume?

Take me to your special room.

I’ll be your bride if you’ll be my groom.

Am I imposing by aggrieving?

Have we reached the climax of peeving?

Should I stop my efforts and stop believing?

Neither one of us are leaving

So let’s not partake in deceiving

Must all our answers begin with “we’ve”?

Your approach… approach…

..OUR APPROACH is it naive?

Inseparable we are like Adam and Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m your Ibuprofen and you’re my Aleve.

In and out of bliss

A forgotten kiss

You and I both miss

What the hell is this?

Can you mediate our differences or shall I peruse?

It’s crazy how easily I bruise…

..when we loose

I can never choose

But bemuse

Yet my heart plots its next ruse

You are the enemy within me…

..the one I can’t bleed out

The one Shakespeare has written about

My void, my clout

And yet I am without!!!!!!

Invested in you- are my dreams… fears my screams

What is, What Seems… risks, my extremes

You are the body of my thesis

The object by which my thoughts are conjured

Is the earth not our connection-

-the moon not our guidance-

the sky not our mass-

the ocean not ours to bask?

Are we betrothed to ask?

Together we are the answer

A part we are the problem

Extinct we are the plague

Combined we are deservingly vague

Because I can’t replace you…

..and you can’t replace me

Without you there is nothing, nothing to see!!!!!!

You viewed the window to my soul…

..opening my sorrow

You completed my affections…

..and sought to borrow

In your veil I am captured each time

I have escaped but I can’t endure!!!!!!!!!!!

You have mastered rapture and it is so pure.

Must this love be enough?

Is this love enough?

How much love is enough?

Because love’s inclinations aren’t enough?

Love are you in fact a bluff?

Clue me in and let me know

Why must every sentence contemplate “although”?

Have I said, thought, processed, spoke of too much?

Please don’t let these things be such

The questions you and I have implored…

..has left you and I bored

The future is not here yet

Let’s not be “yet”

Let’s not let it end yet

Don’t go there yet

You and I must never forget

We must learn to let

Treasure when we met

Always vet

Keep our goals set

“We” are my insightful conclusion

And “we” are my thoughts

My blessings

My restraints

“We” are why heaven waits!!!!!!!!!!

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