A handsome face was all I saw of you

What were you all about I had not  a clue

Standing tall with a river of dark eyes

Came to me with a lustful surprise

Nappy hair, a perm of no trace

Fitted the description of your handsome face

Your body's not perfect but you have such beautiful caramel skin

That covers your arms structured so thin

Rebellion saught you but it is not it you saught

In acts of Rebellion its my eye you have caught

Personal knowledge of you was given by phone

And some of these things I knew of weren't thought of alone

My imagery of you was within an affectionate hold

Beginning to act upon releasement as things began to unfold

Consoler of mine whenever I felt sad

Reminding me of the power weakness had

Never there was a failure for you to give me a hand

Your heart was as pure and soft as the grained sand

Corruptive at times you were because life so tricky had done you wrong

A sequence of events heard of in a sad song

Healment of my broken heart you suddenly gave

From suicidal thoughts it was me you saught to save

My extra shoulder whenever I felt deprived

Made me realize where our friendship thrived

Intense talk of passion, exotic matters, and a sexual guarentee

Made me in all realize you were the one for me

Sadness in all took a high-leveled toll

Realization proved without you my heart just wasn't whole

My love for you came to me like the surprise of Jove

My heart felt great heat emitting like a stove

My heart would be testimonial even within court

Of no other's heart would I make out of a sport

Upon freeness I give to you my imploring vow

To have love for forever even now

I owe it to myself to forward this prestigious self-indictment

After trusting upon belief that for me you were heaven sent

Only your friend I could never portray

I'll love you forever if I may say

In this non-trustworthy world I'll always remain your fan

Whether famous or not you'll always be a humble man

My love towards you is like the unchangeable sea great in strength and will always excel

Suddenly I've become deaf I love you more than my capacious heart can tell

Somehow I wish it was my feelings I could deliver

That every time you pass me my soul is so quick to shiver

If I had told you I loved you would you have believed

That all your fantasies would soon be achieved?

You looked at me times too many with an eye of delight

I wonder if I was beauty noticed within your sight

Laughed with me and joked with me like a friend should

You were the one person like me that I've ever understood

You walked with me 100 miles to safety, 100 miles to security

This lets me know your heart still possesses purity

If I were to have a reflection within the mirror yours would be much similar to mines

There's no need sugar-coat it baby read between the lines

Every time we meet by the source of eye contact far within view

I some how wanted to mumble out these words "I love you."

You're the seed of my seed, pollen of my flower

My mind is consumed by thoughts of you just about every hour

You're the lyrics to my song the voice of my vocal

I sometimes wish your heart was open to me and local

You're the sagacity I hold strongly within my brain

You're my treatment when I needed to be sane

You're my luck. You fill me with your charms

I now a wait the embracement of your arms

Stars are plenty within the misty night sky

As I look to the lord and ask him, "Why can't I have him, just tell me why?"

Every night and day there's a constant reminder in hopes that we would pair

That I would stop the pain, stop the despair

My soul has dealt with the agonized pain

My hopes, my dreams of you are now being slain

One kiss, one taste, one look, one touch,

I don't believe would be asking off too much

There's a special prayer to the lord I want to say on bending knee

God please make this boy fall, fall in love with me

There's a hole in my heart that's very dim

That grows tremendously whenever my conscious says I can't have him

A lonesome call echoes within me so hard, so deep

I find myself turning repeatedly within a taunted sleep

Mentally I felt sick my skin was suddenly pale

When I had to learn that in this case love seemed to never prevail

Knowledge hurts when I knew from you I would never get that B-friend and G-friend thrill

I guessed I waited too long. I postponed the way I feel

Never have I thought love so invisible would take me up under its shield

And leave me to be tormented on hatred's ominous field

Marked by scars, tears of an ambigous cry

Shows me how love for me always says good-bye

Love's weakness I understand takes away many hearts, minds, and souls

Leaves them to build back upon plans, their life, their goals

It took me for granted, for me it had no care

It saught to wipe me out of existence. It didn't matter where

My humiliation  it saught to publicize

It didn't matter if costly it brought about my demise

Is this ideal of us being together only within my conception?

An exit to all I have suffered, starting with deception

Locked within me so deeply is a strilled yelp

So you see I seek guidance, I seek help

How easily I am distracted by temptation. How easily I am lured

Love has no boundaries for me. It can't be cured

As wrong as it had done me I didn't want it to be something I'd dread

Because it had me all confused and mixed up in the head

Some how I knew falling in love with you would soon however become a threat

Actually I've known this since the day we first met

I've taken to much stress. Some where down the line I need to be relieved

There's too many concepts within this world to be received

Some where in this phase in my life I wanted a path of simple direction

To put ends to this situation of nonsensical neglection

Patiently I've been waiting for you. No longer can I hold my composure

I've put my love through so many  phases. I've put it through so much exposure

Quarry I am to love. Am I now the hunt?

Or am I the victim it seeks now to patriotically confront

I come correct. I don't want to face my heart's terrible grim

To not have you feel me up satisfactionally to the brim

My mind so vulnerable is devoured by an irremissible thought

Reminding me that loving you is a blessing not a fault

In you I some how seemed amazed

So it is important for my feelings to never be razed

Especially when it comes to this boy

He's the essence of me. My spirit, my inner joy

I could never, never give my love to another

Sadly for me there is no other

I have fallen for your charm as well as your wit

Not knowing that you targeted my heart with a direct hit

Around you I can't breathe. I can't think. My hormones wont behave

Maybe I'm just glad you're a gentlemen rather than a knave

Everyday you have and effect on how I live

But you haven't seen the best I could possibly give

If loving you is somehow a crime

Then put me in my own cell and give me my time

My love, heart, soul, and feelings all seem to now linger

And then I become as expressive and open as a singer

I wish that in my heart you'd always stay

Then life would be favored and structured in my very own way

Our lifestyles will never let us be

The couple in my visions I now repeatedly see

My emotions like a river of forceful water runs so deep

As I now hold you in my heart. It's yours for the keep

You think I like it knowing you're in possession of my heart's key

Knowing that in the long run you and I could never be

I wanted you in the flesh not just in these temporary dreams

But that will never be accomplished that is how it seems

It's too late, my ship already a float began to sink

It doesn't matter how I feel. It doesn't matter what I think

Love has made me dumb not smart

It gave me no hope from the start

I have no time to tell you what my love may really mean

There's so much to put out there. There's so much you haven't seen

I love you, I love you, I love you times two-million

I love you trippled to a zillion

I leave you hoping you honestly believe all this

That when you're gone it's you I'll miss

Oh God I love thee

Who will soon be graduating from the class of '03

He makes me reminisce  about what I could have had

That's why I'm so down in spirit. I'm so very sad

He'll soon be off to college wherever his path leads

There's a brighter future ahead so I hope he succeeds

I now fully confess

That if you ever left I'd still love you more and never less

Some day I hope you come to find

That you always held within capativity my mind

It's amazing how you're the only one that for me wanted me under the instruction of you to be tamed

It lets me know your not the one to be gamed

I've loved you in the past

Now it's time for me to futuristically make it last

I will always look at you the very same

These are all the things you suddenly to me became

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem because I had a best friend at the time who was in the 12th grade. I had fell in love with him although he had a girlfriend. After feeling the way I felt for him it inspired me to write this poem.

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