Got her on my mind


I’m thinkin, n thinkin, n just cant sleep


Got all these feelings, like what do they mean??


She got me dreamin, she got me getting weak


Kinda like, never cared before


I know right, closed door


Been through this road before was never successful


Cuz I’m a careless asshole, so I’ve been told


Never really took other feelings into consideration


That’s cause to me, that was never really importan


But holy shit I finally learned what all the fuss was about


Cuz she showed me that it’s not worth it to fuk around


N skrt skrt, let me back this ride up, evaluate


I’ve never been the type to be tied up, change of state


N where do I draw the line, I feel like I just keep opening


N do I just go for the ride, n when’s she gonna leave


O man like what if I go back to my old ways


And what if I swerve in the wrong lane


N the words, I love you, like when do you know when it’s time


Cuz listen, that word is overused, but it’s always on my mind


I need to wake up, cause I don’t wanna lose what I’ve found


Feelings got me spaced up, with no feet on the ground


N I’m so thankful none of my other relationships ever worked in the end


Cuz I’m pretty sure I had to go through all of that, just to get to the best

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Real thoughts - cdawg