Human Madness

The most precious thing ever given to us has to be the earth, how everything works together and all the wonders the human eye can observe.


But what's wrong with the Earth is all this human madness, full of mistakes and dirty habits.


No one seems to realize the crooked government systems, the one where we all lie as brainwashed victims.


This all might sound a bit far fetched, give me time, the words in this poem are not being stretched.


They want us to live life like an obedient slave, all they want us to do


is simply behave.


But it doesn't have to be, give me a chance


and listen to me.


Please begin to realize, that the life we live is full of lies


lies that truly disguise.


How is this all still labeled conspiracy, It's hard to understand I know because it's everything but simplicity


But if you open your mind, you'll realize that these powerful people are nothing but kind,


now you're finally not blind.


Most people know their game, but everyone's worried about their own fame and the reputation of their own name.


It's time to educate, the more we know, another world leader will begin to hesitate.

maybe it's time to finally sit down


and negotiate.


it's time to start the revolution, because after all it's the only solution to change the ways of our unsavoury constitution.




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