we could all use a little change

I don’t feel my life is worth a penny or a dime

my most innocent thoughts are twisted into wired crimes 
you give too much attention 
then you don’t give enough
always professing your love for me
but I’m calling your bluff
because minds are so fixated
I’m so tangled up
I should be jaded 
you just keep blowing smoke
and hot air in my face
and you knock me off my feet
and I can never settle in one place
oh I, I, I need to get away
I don’t need a drink, darling,
and I don’t need to pay
a fee for love or tithe for just being myself
I’ll never be what any of you need
we’re all better off with our someone else’s 
if this is what love looks like
you couldn’t sell mine
it’s so worthless
you wouldn’t take it for a penny, or a dime
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