Why is it that when I found you,

You had to be so far?

Why is it that I feel like I know you,

Yet I barely know who you are.

My day goes by and I think of you,

Were you are, what you're doing?

I ask myself "Why does he have to live so far away?"

Could it be love that keeps me waiting,

For the clock to strike twelve.

For I know my messenger will begin to ping

And into your mind I can delve once again

Anxious to speak to you

To see what you have to say

For my heart starts beating faster,

It's true... I have no other real choice.

You make me feel so special.

Just by choosing to talk

Even if I never saw you,

I would always feel whats inside my heart.

But even so, it saddens me,

Knowing that for now we're apart.

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