'The Crow' or 'Revenge On Devil's Night'

He fell from a window,

High up above,

Protecting the life,

Of his one true love,

Instant death,

Upon the ground,

He made no moves,

He made no sounds,

For 30 hours,

They tried in vain,

To save her life,

But ‘twas all too late,

Both laid to rest,

In a churchyard cold,

Side by side,

Marked with stone,

One year later,

He did awake,

To see a bird,

Before his face,

A visit to,

Their former home,

Memories relived,

But now he’s alone,

He painted his face,

In black and white,

To distinguish him,

On this ‘Devils Night’,

Old friends found,

Answers learnt,

Treasure recovered,

A building burnt,

Revenge he sought,

Through those who wronged,

To find the peace,

For which he longed,

It can’t rain all the time,

That was what he said,

As he fought his enemies,

And left them all for dead,

Till someone stole the precious bird,

And shot it in the foot,

A wound from which,

Recover, he would not,

His deed now done,

Justice claimed,

He did return,

To where his true love lay,

Through the pouring rain,

Her kiss so sweet,

They laid to rest,

Finally at peace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired, as many people may recognise, by the *AMAZING* Brandon Lee film 'The Crow'

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