Forever Yours


Jen pulled her coat tighter around her shoulders and ducked behind a tree at the edge of the woods.  Although it was dark and foggy she still wanted to be sure no-one could see her, certainly not Luke and he was due to walk through the woods any second now.  Jen knew his routine well, every Wednesday he went to the youth club for his Computer Course  from seven till nine, even when they were an item nothing came between him and his Computer Course.  Shed often gone with him, dragging her mate Karli along for company.  She couldnt do that now.  Jen shivered, she knew Luke would come walking by any second now; she only wanted to see him.

Theyd been together 6 months 2 weeks and 4 days; theyd been the happiest days of Jens life.  Even though they were young, what theyd had was special.  Even Lukes brothers had admitted that theyd been made for each other; for ever and always.  Thats why it was so hard to face being apart.  In all the happy times theyd spent together shed never dreamt it could so badly.  It had though.  Which left her chasing after Luke hoping to catch a smile.

She knew Karli would call her a stalker-but what harm was there in just watching Luke?  Right on cue she heard him coming, he walked by quickly and Jen almost cried at seeing him again so close.  She still couldnt take in that Luke would never hug her again, that the dream wouldnt last forever the way theyd planned.  As she watched him disappear behind the trees she started to follow him, as long as she kept her distance hed never know.  he seemed to be in a hurry.  Jen suddenly panicked at the thought of him going to see another girl; there was nothing to stop him, they were both single again now.  Although she was never a jealous person, the thought of Luke kissing another girl made her feel ill.  She couldnt imagine ever looking at another boy the way shed looked at Luke.  With a sense of relief Jen realised Luke was heading back to his house – not to visit another girlfriend; at least not tonight.  Jen stopped and crept into the bus shelter at the end of the street; this was where Luke had first kissed her, she smiled at the memory of it.  From there she could see him clearly as he walked up his drive, reached for the door handle and glanced around before going inside.  he looked so serious, so sad was it possible that he was missing her as much as she was missing him?  Luke dumped his bag in the hall, hung his jacket in the hall cupboard and went into the living-room.  His mum was sitting watching the TV and looked up as he came in.  she smiled, pleased to see him home again on such a dark night.  (How was computer club?(, she asked.  Luke shrugged and said it had been ok.  His mum noticed the worry on his face, (Whats wrong Luke?(, she asked

(I it its not the same any more (, he stammered (What does my Computer Course matter any more? Its nothing compared to ( he stopped talking as tears welled up in his eyes.  His mum understood and came over to hug her, she felt like crying too.

(Dont worry, itll get better, its only been three weeks, these things take time.( she whispered decisively.  Luke wiped his tears away and sniffed.

(You know the funny thing though mum? I feel like Jens still around walking back from the woods tonight, I just felt like she was with me, watching me, do you think thats possible?( Luke asked.

His mum smiled (Of course it is.  She loved you so much when she was around, why would she stop now that shes dead?

She gave Luke another hug as the tears rolled down his cheeks-tears of sorrow, tears of anger and tears of self-pity, all because his black girlfriend  had been killed-the victim a racial rape, aged 16.  Jen cried quietly to herself too as she turned and disappeared back into the mist.  She hadnt lost Luke, but hed never kiss her again.

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