As Autumn Leaves

Today is Tuesday and you have gone. 
I have sat by my plastic window all morning
watching leaves twirling off the trees
like tiny ballerinas, dancing in the wind
But they all fall in the end. 

I've hidden the clouds in the whites of my eyes
As you grow weary of the sun
you will remember lying underneath my shade
and you will come home knowing 
I am where you belong.

I kowtow to the rain 
Melting into the asphalt with every breath 
I don't take
my heart beat softening until it is quiet enough 
to hear your voice whispering gently with the breeze, 
rustling leaves in the empty sidewalk cracks 
until silence calls me home at last. 

Today is Tuesday, 
And Wednesday will not come. 
I watch the wind dance between bare branches, 
pushing against the last stubborn leaf 
as if it could hold on till spring, 
but we all fall in the end.

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