From The Addict's Mouth

Within the dark walls of seasons past
I have worn the shroud my love for you has sewn
For too long did you beguile me
the comfort of your sweet whisper
forever floating through ears too eager
to taste the nectar of your lies once more
I wore your blindfolds proudly
unaware of the moons that passed me by 
without a smile
I held you close to me each night
and never knew I was alone
My mother's tears drowned in the white walls
and the street corners I called home
My eyes never dare break their steady gaze
always towards the floor
But alas, my callassed feet could not carry me from myself
my tired eyes could not look past who I'd become
my shaking hands could not hold on 
to the only life I've ever known
Still I hear your soft coo in my ear,
but my love, alas, our end is here.

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