Exam Day

Exam Day

I kept running without stopping. I was already late to my exam and I couldn’t waste a second. I climbed the stairs, two at a time, and came outside my classroom, I tried to calm my heartbeat but I knew it was hopeless. I enter the room and nobody was taking the exam. The professor was gone, my classmates were talking, and I stupid to be worried about nothing. I walked to some classmates.

“Hey, why aren’t we taking the exam?” I asked the closest girl sitting next to me, Rebeca.

“What? Didn’t you heard?” Rebeca said as if it was the most obvious thing in this world.

“Well, no. That’s why I’m asking.”

“Someone died from the classroom. That’s why we haven’t done the exam, we’ll get 100. You know how the gig goes.” She said smugly.

“What? Who died? How do you know that’s the reason we are not doing the exam right now? Maybe the professor’s late…”

“Roberto died, how did you not know?” Rebeca said, ignoring the last thing I said.

I couldn’t even remember Roberto’s face, I felt bad thinking he had died without me not being able to recall his face. It felt wrong to feel bad about someone I couldn’t even remember, but he died, I would’ve wanted someone to be sad about it, seeing as how everyone was excited about getting their 100. And I couldn’t help but think if they would be happy if I had died just to get a 100 in an exam. I suddenly felt sick. Does someone’s worth amount to the utility they produce to someone else’s happiness?

“So, what know?” I asked Rebeca.

“We’ll wait for the professor and asked her about our score in the exam.” She said as a matter of fact.  Just then, in storms the door is slammed open and a very flustered Roberto enters the room, he looked as if he had run here, he looked like a person who was late. I looked around the room and saw everyone openly gaping at him, some were even glaring at his mere presence.

“Aren’t you supposed to be dead?” Someone yelled behind me.

“Man, I didn’t even study for the exam! I thought I was going to have a 100!” Another voice said.


The room was swarmed with voices complaining about Roberto being alive. Everyone gathered their study material and started to study like crazy, just then, I locked eyes with Roberto. He looked sad as if he had let down the entire humanity by being present in the room. I stood up and went to sit beside him. He exhaled deeply and I did so, too.

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