Life After Chaos

Life after Chaos


By Alejandro Dillon and Adriana Carolina Villarreal

And so… death follows me like a shadow. There is no place, no land, no crevice where I cannot find it. I remember the quarrel. The fight that ended it all. Light and Darkness, God’s favorite children. And though many believed me to side with the Darkness because of my obscure complex, I was fond of the Light. I saw everything. “That winged beast”, they called me. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t feel this ghostly pain through the scar that Darkness left me when I tried to persuade him to end his wrongdoing. I still feel the sorrow left on this planet by the egotistic fight between my brothers. They didn’t care about any of us. All they wanted was to dominate the skies forever. Little did they know, it was to become a punishment they would both regret.

When our Father saw the ruins of the planet that he created for us, he was disappointed. He punished Light and Darkness in a way that for eternity, they will constantly fight over who rules the skies, banishing them to the heavens while he created his new world, where he sent his children to rule it. My sister, Water, covered the land, while her brother, Fire, ruled down below. Sister Wind, ever soaring the sky above me, while Earth covered it all. It was now a harmonious world. Father decided it was time for Life to do her part: to create all living things, animals, beasts like me, plants and vegetation.

However, Darkness’s ego managed to persuade Water to drown all of Life’s creation. He spits his venom to her: “Those beasts have replaced us, Father does not want us anymore”. Water, fooled by our brother, used the darkness of the night to raise herself up to the land, and little by little, she drowned the animals Life had created. I was there. I saw everything that Darkness did through my sister. My weak sister. Father came and saw the tragedy, He then created the Moon, for her to watch over Darkness.

This was it. Everything was perfect, it was time to evolve. Father gave her daughter, Life, the ultimate role: to create the supreme being, to rule over Darkness and Light, their last resource —Humans—.

In the beginning, I was there.

When my siblings were battling against each other, I was there, looming through the sky.

When Brother persuaded Water, I heard it from the skies above.
When Sister drowned everyone, I was there.
And at the end, I will be there.

All of my brothers and sisters have a counterpart: Water had Fire, Wind had Earth, Darkness, and his everlasting rival, Light.

But why is Life always so alone? She’s on the verge of creating Fathers’ perfect being. But where’s that missing brother that can end it all?

It then occurred to me.

There was no one present during every tragedy, but me.

And so, the truth came to me: “Death follows me like a shadow.”

It wasn’t Darkness who destroyed Father’s earliest creations.

It wasn’t Water who drowned them all.

Only the forgotten Brother could have done such thing.

I became aware of my identity.

Who am I?

I am to blame

I am the missing Brother

I am Death.

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