at times..

at times,

i sit alone

and cry

i know

you aren't


at times,

i feel i want

to die

because you'll

never be


at times

i think iv'e lost

my mind

in this




at times

i feel


after all,

this life's


a maze.

at times

i breathe

a smoke,

so sweet,

my soul

no longer burns

at times

i feel

my mind


and yet,

my heart

still yearns.

at times

i cry

salty voids

of electrifying


at times

i wonder

if it

stops hurting

it's been

so many years

at times

i know

i'm losing it

please someone

make it stop

at times

i blow

a line

so sweet

i know

i'm at the top

at times

i roar a laugh

so hard

my chest

begins to ache

at times

i just don't

give a fuck

and i'll just get

really baked.

at times

i'm higher

than the sky

or deeper

than the sea.

at times

i'll let you in

my game

so you deicde

for me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm such a tool.

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