fill the void with boys like toys


you can't come back in.

do you need me?

follow me down, down, 

down the rabbit hole

and where is your soul?


i need you but i wouldn't dare

let you come back in.


it's a torturous labyrinth 

and you want out.

i'm so far in i can hardly see you.

the space builds.

you can't come back in.


fill the void with boys like toys

because i can't get back in with you.

fire in my blood,

you've set my heart ablaze.


there is no recovery, just time.

i can only hope

that you won't come back.


your shoes aren't welcomed at my doorstep.

i'd hate to catch a glimpse of you,

catching a glimpse at the shambles of me.


so perfectly set in having all the power.

controlling everything around,

i can't let that back in.


after this, expect no letters.

you'll soon forget the rasp of my voice.

i'll smoke you off in due time, my sweet.

due time will reveal that you are no god.


i need a warrior who's ready to fight.

you like to pretend you know what's best,

but you are a child at best

and i can't stand you the most.


you're the most horrible heartbreak.

thief, i cannot let you back in.

stay the fuck away from me.

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