The healing process

I promised I would chase you.
you promised you'd never let me go.
struck down once again.
but this time im laying on the floor
how was I suppose to stay
when I couldnt even stand?
the thoughts of us once together
made me hurt beyond compare.
Yes, I did love you
so why didnt I cry a tear?
I was numb to the world
I thought I couldnt be repaired.
Till someone came along
who told me they cared.
They picked me up off the floor
and wiped every tear.
I took their out-stretched hand
without a moment to spare.
I have no regrets in doing so
Because I like having her there.
So I gave her the chance
that not many will ever come by.
I allowed her to have
a significant place in my life.
I told her to promise
to try not to purposely hurt me.
she said she would never.

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