My Angel


The angel for my wildest dreams
has kissed my lips
and gave me a whole new reason to breathe
with that may I say You, My Angel
have touch my life in a profound way
like angels sent from above naturally do
and I have offically been changed by you
now I pour out my heart and soul to you
The angel always by my side
always there when I cry
to brighten up my darkest days
fighting off the evil the lies within
and as you being my angel
I don't deserve you
rather I have been blessed
to have you in my life
your wings embracing me so tight
taking away the night
and even though you're not here right now
I still hear you whisper in my ear
saying that You Love Me
and that you'll never leave me
and in return,
I promise you won't regret it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this when i was half asleep 4:30 this morning.
Comment, tell me what you think :D

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