My Promise To You, My Love


My promise to you
is that i'll be there when I can
and that i'll hold you tight when i see you cry
I'll try not to get jealous
and try not to condredict you when you say im beautiful
i'll treat you like the princess you are
and will never purposely hurt you.

My promise to you
is to give you a smile when and not needed
i constatly remind you of how much I Love You
and how beautiful you are to me
and I won't hide things from you
I will tell you how I actually feel about things
and still be your best friend.

My promise to you
is to pick you up when life knocks you over
and never give you a reason to cry
i'll never cheat
i'll never turn my back on you
and if you call, i will answer
and make sure im still me with you.

My promise to you
is to chase you if you leave
and to follow you if you stray
to accept all your quirkiness
and all your flaws with it
and every love song i hear
i will sing it with you in mind.

My promise to you
is to keep your secrets
to listen to you when and when you dont need me
to always make time for you
to always put you first
to keep our pinky promises legit
and to stop being a flirt to other people

My promise to you
is that my love for you will never die
that i will always be by your side
through darkness and light
i will never give up
not now
not ever

And My promise to you
is as long as you stay with me
i will stay with you

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