Man On The Moon


I'm going like the clouds
passing by the moon,
except I'm leaving a spot on you.
The man on the moon has no definite expression.
Although, he looks angry.
Are you mad at me moon?
The stars tell me not to go,
but the moon hasent told me
what I want it to say.
So moon, I'm letting go.
Are you going to miss me
when I'm not in your orbit?
Cause I'm letting go.
Don't you know?
Tell me to stay.
Maybe then I just might may.
But if you tell me,
To be where I want to be
And go where I want to go,
Then I will go
where I don't want to be.
Cause if you don't say
stay here with me,
with you is not where i'll be,
but a forgien place in space
Trying to find my way.
So moon, I'm leaving you
If you don't make me stay.

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