Flashback #3 (story, not poem)

Games in the mind

i remember the night i got the news. it was september 21, 2006; i was 11 years old. the phone rang and my dad picked it up. a few minutes later everything got really quiet and my dad came into my room; i was writing. He looked at me and told me...jennifer had got into a car wreck no less then 30 minutes ago. He told me....she died....My best friend as a child. He told me that she was driving in a constuction zone, where she shouldn't of made a turn. and a semi didn't see her in time and ran right over her. completely cutting the car in half....along with her. and her parent had to go and identify the body. he said that you could barely recongize her. i cried so hard. it took me 5 years to get use to the idea that she's gone. i use to write a note to her every year on that day, but i stopped. i know she would want me to be happy, not sad. that's why I stopped.
R.I.P. Jennifer Allen September 21, 2006
18 years old
I Love You. you'll never be forgotten <3

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