I hate this part right here


I hate to think about this
but its time to get real
you don't need me anymore
after all the years
we said always and forever
but forever is coming to an end
here i am
cutting the string you tied around my right wrist
lets get serious here
i've moved on
and so have you
he doesn't want me here
and you're acting like you don't too
still i thank you for everything
and its our love i'll be forever missing
but please promise me
you won't forget about me
i'm sorry we drifted apart like this
but it wasent my fault
because i tried to stay
you pushed me away
and you let go of my hand
and moved on to bigger and better plans
i'm happy for you
you found someone who loves you like i did
and that's all i could ever ask for
but now i have to go
remember, what we had was never a show
now i'm walking out the front door
as you stand there and watch me leave
tears fill my eyes
this is the hardest part right here
leaving without a definate goodbye
but this is becoming unhealthy for me
getting blamed for you and your boyfriend's fights
when i know i didn't do a thing this time
don't think i'm giving up
because i'm not
i'm still here
i always have been when i can
so go and live your life happily with your man
this me letting go of your hand
this is my goodbye, Amanda
My dearest friend

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