Forgive me


For the first time in a long time
i cried and cried and cried
now i know what it does to you
when i say "nothing." when you ask what's wrong
i never meant to cause your pain
I swear, I didn't!
bitter tears toward myself run down my face
punish me for keeping quiet
i never meant to hurt you
I swear, I didn't!
I'm so sorry
sorry isn't goos enough for me
it never will be
sorrys don't erase pain, not even eases iit
sorrys don't make things all better
sorry isn't forgiveness
that's what i want, fogiveness, toward myself
actions speak louder than words
i'm NOT running awat from you anymore
ask me
i'll answer
i'm done pushing you away
i'm dont causeing you pain from things i didn't do
words left unsaid
i know this doesn't mean anything, but....
I'm so sorry...

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