Mom & "Dad"

I wear a poker face
it's something i can't erase
i can't let them see my pain
you neglected me
and rejected me
all the while, i was choking myself
trying to get away from all this hate
now i know it wasen't suppose to be my fate
cause maybe i'm meant for something more
but im have a hard time seeing past
all the horrible i'm replaying witnessing
it's hard having a father who doesn't care about you
and never took the time to get to know the real you
and your mother is slipping away right before your eyes
but you can't cry
cause it's never the right time
i was always told to stand up for what i believe in
to fight for the ones who mattered the most
but what happens when they threaten to take me away?
one more call and they'll snatch me away
i sit in my room trying to block it out
but i can still hear their peircing voices
i can hear them ever so clearly
i sometimes wish they would've of taken me
please see me
i think i'm invisible to everybody
my heart is aching
my dreams are breaking
can you see your daughter's heart breaking?

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