That's just fine.

This is how I feel

my family is broken, but thats alright.

my life is a mess, but i'll get through it.

I have many problems, but i'll never give in.

I cry a lot, but that doesn't mean i'm weak.

I have one best friend, but at least I know she's true.

I have suffered, but it just makes me who I am.

I have made many mistakes, but I don't regret them

Sure i'm not the prettiest, but i'm beautiful in my own way.

No, im not perfect, but perfect is boring any way

Yes I get jealous sometimes, but i'm only human.

I'm not the skinniest, but i'll survive.

I'm not the funniest, but I can make you smile.

I'm not the most exciting, but that's okay

I'm all of these things; I have flaws, but thats just fine.

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