I am only human

when it comes to me there will be things you'll never understand,

things you'll never be able to comprehend.


but what i simply ask is do not judge me.

do not judge me by my looks, my choice in music,

my choice in clothing, etc.


i ask that you especially do not judge me by who you THINK

i am through my words that i speak,

but by who ive actually PROVEN myself to be through my ACTIONS.


always remember one simple phrase: " Actions speak louder than words."


you can not judge someone by simply looking at them;

you dont know what theyve been through.

you dont know what they are going through even at the moment.

there are struggles ive faced, 

some obstacles ive gotten over,

but some that i've failed.


failure isn't a bad thing, you just simply try harder the next time.

or just accept that you are not perfect, and MOVE ON.


i can tell you for a fact, my life is no fairytale.

the things ive gone through, the things that ive seen with my own eyes

that i wish i didnt. there are situations i would like to take back and never

go through them again.


im simply a human being who is no different than you.

i have hardships, and im not afraid to admit it.

because with out all the bullshit,

i wouldn't be the woman i am today.

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