Leave now,
You know that you are better than this.
 DONT latch on to people and make a home out of them,
Because eventually they’ll leave and you’ll be homeless and by then you will have forgotten where your original home is even located.
Just because his lips may taste like the closest thing to heaven that you’ve ever experienced,
Doesn’t mean that they’re heavenly at all.
Trust me,
Behind that fake asset that he puts on to lure you in, 
Is hell in it’s purest form.
Sex doesn’t mean he “loves” you anymore than he ever “loved” you before.
And just because his lips may be familiar with your hip bones and your back,
Doesn’t at all me that his heart is familiar with yours.
Don’t take his shit.
You are worth so much more than that.
His words are sharp. 
But your skin is thick don’t let him break you. 
Though his arms at Times may make you feel safe,
They are the same arms he’ll use to push you away.
Don’t dilute any amount of yourself to please him. 
Second chances are understandable, 
But give up after that.
Time is valuable, 
Don’t waste it.
Stay away from things that don’t make you happy.
And never be with anyone who makes you feel bad about who you are.
You are beautiful, things get better,
And life is good.

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