Incident in St. Christopher's Place

Dear, I haven’t been in touch

For a long time.


The last time I saw you

Was in St. Christopher’s Place.

It was a lovely evening...

When I knocked that chair over.

I am sorry.

Since then,

I’ve had not a few accidents

Of that kind.


Just three days ago,

I slipped out in a garden

At a friend’s house...

And keeled over, not once,

Not twice, but three times,

Like a log...clonking my nut

So violently that people heard me

In the sitting room.

What’s more,

I can’t remember a single sentence

Spoken all evening. The problem is…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Incident in St. Christopher’s Place is an edited and roughly versified version of a letter written to a friend, and referring to a series of events that took place in ca. 1990 during a very dark period for me, but never sent.

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