Cerebral Malfunction (V2)


I can hear a sound fade in the distance

A beacon of light being snuffed out

It was only there for but an instant

Growing sighs of windstruck metal pieces


Can't stop the pressure

It's like a thousand hands pushing me down

Fingertips crawl inside my mind

And I can't tell which way is up


Shadows overlap

In a blissful pattern

Pitch black coalition

Cerebral malfunction

Left in the cold gardens

Of a misenthropic wasteland

Devoid of any sense of purpose

Imprinted demons and angels

Stare with unrelenting agony

Anxious calls for relief

Which will never come


Sometimes the blood doesn't wash away

Sometimes I forget who I am

Sometimes forgiveness is not an option

And I see stains from your heart on my hands

Screams fall deaf on the world above

They don't match mine

and I leave it all

to the wolves in my mind





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