I'm loving the sunshine on the city
Because without it the city is so gritty
And with a shaft of sunlight its so pretty
its impossibly perfect and inspires me
to spit freely with no restrictions laid on me
I got the seasons in my blood and they totally
change how I write the bars I seek
cos I carved up this city
with the ryhmes and lines
I find in me
and I don't want to waste another minute
I could go to work with a pen and a pad
and these lyrics I have
cos I feel about as real as captain kirk
unless I'm up here at night
confirming my existence under the stage lights,
feeling as sweet as turkish delight
and giving thanks to moonlight
that spawned my poetry,
to the lunacy in my soul that let's me be,
that let's me escape this logically driven world
and construct my own reality..
Cos I got a streak of magically conjured talent
that let's me turn a simple rant
into a dissetation on the land
and let's me burn up any man
that would take my chance to redress
every imbalance
for all those that haven't seen sense
and still trust only their senses.
And ill cut em down
and show em how
and cast about
for a new target around
to make their feet touch the ground,
cos I misuse the wit given me,
I got a streak of mischief and malcontense
and I never made any pretense
I didn't have the prescence
of a demon on each shoulder
who won't let the argument be over.
I'm always picking up tangents
like a dyslexic picks up tangerines
and though my words seem mean
they are clean of malice,
I got no problem with the majority,
its always the minority
like politicians and the BNP
and the team behind the EDF
I'm happy to roast them like a chef
till they have nothing left.
I have an issue with them having the income of a small country
while the poor are given sureity in their poverty
by the changes to government policy.
But for now,
ill enjoy the sunshine
till I got a mic and the chance is mine
to unravel the mysteries of space and time
and to help people climb
the hillside to the mountain of their insecurity.
Just to see how big they can be.
Ill enjoy the way the sunshine turns the city
that was so gritty impossiblly perfectly pretty.
And when the clouds cover the sky
ill spit the lines that make you ask why
that make you that political guy
ill make you try your best
not to be shy but to really
observe with your mouth,
your ears your nose,
your hands and your eyes.
Before long you'll be the one asking why.

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