87 pence

Spent my last bit of cash on this natty hat
And what am I supposed to do with that
Spending all of my money like I got a divorced wife
Two kids and im paying alimony
I may not have the knack for making green backs
But I tell you what, I never want for anything, and I always work hard
Just, im skint. I start the weekend with enough money to be running a mint
And by the end of the weak my pockets are as empty as my head.
I wish that I could just blaze away the days in my bed
But everything, even my time costs me money
So against my better judgement I lumber out to work
I do my best, but this isn’t the job I want, so I shirk
I stand around and chat and don’t really serve the customer
In the sense that, I just sit on my phone playing angry birds.

Another pay check another week,
I don’t even have enough money for the train Again
and this hangover is a pain again
Im wandering around bleary eyed,
Look in my wallet surprise surprise
I give my last quid away to a tramp
Because I cant bear how it looks so lonely.
Big idea, check the bank, check my balance.
I got exactly eighty seven pence.
Man I cant even take that out
Cos its below the minimum requirement.

So I am sat at home, raiding the cupboards
Trying to find something edible
Hidden between all the delectable food
I don’t own. Like a thirsty man in a desert
I swear im seeing things, like that old packet of party rings
That are probably Kat’s but she wont miss.
They are gone in a flash, I devour them like an animal
If an animal ate e numbers not flesh and bone.

So right now, im skint, im living off of shrapnel
But don’t get me wrong, im not jell
Of those with the money, because im having my fun
Right now, when I have no restrictions
While I am still young
I have no responsibilities
So its not like I need any money

Ill just spend it all on alcohol and herbal tea
And soon enough ill be at university
And be living off of pennies
Or even worse ill be out in the world
And ill have to earn a salary
And put money toward a mortgage
And set some aside for growing new leaves
To the family tree
But for now, im skint, no money in my wallet
And my account balance is just eighty seven pence.

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