Big Lily

She a small girl but she got a big heart
Her voice is her sweet poison, her art
With her quiet voice and her demure laugh
she may cunningly keep you in the dark
But don't let it fool you, she's loud as anyone
And she is good to be with, lots of fun
With a shining smile as big as the sun
With a sage's wisdom belying one so young
She has a gravitas that is larger than life
So why be concerned with physical size
She is amazing like the first shafts of sunrise
Though she would look as good with less makeup round her eyes.
She has an impressive voice like red velvet
And soft and smooth as finest chcocolate
And how could anyone ever forget
That voice that makes you stop, makes you check
You get lots of flavour from just a little spice
If you only just saw her you wouldn't think twice
Would never know she's unbelievably nice
Or that her caring nature is like jesus christ
So everyone raise a glass to lily
A girl who may be small physically
but has a big personality
And she is properly gangster which surprised me
Yeah this one is to big hearted lily.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a little ditty for a girl called lily.