The Sunset

Once upon a time we held hands,
we smiled and kicked cans down the road
we built castles out of sand
and we got in a boat in search of new lands
we sailed off the edge off the edge of the world
and watched it turn, then let gravity hurl us back again
we gained and lost enemies and friends
we swore then that we would never be apart again.

Two years later we were still smiling
but i could see your star was waning
and the ailment you had meant your health was failing
you didnt have much time left
so one day we went to watch the sunset
the most brightly coloured i had seen yet
and you looked at me and past me
and you knew you wouldnt outlast me
and didnt want me to follow you quickly
as you passed on, you wanted my time on this earth to last

so you looked me in the eyes
so i could see your soul
and know that you didnt lie
and you told me what to do when you died.

You said, my lover soon i will be dead
but i do not want you to mourn me
instead i have a harder mission for you
here it is now, listen.

Live harder, bigger than ever
im not asking you to forget
it will give me great pleasure
to know wherever i go you still remember me
once you said we were two halves of the same soul
eternally melded, inseperable like liquid in a bowl
Now one half has to live for two
you need to do everything for which i didnt have the chance
outlast everyone find another one you love
you would be proud is your childs mother
and pass on the memories and genes to a son

I am telling you this not because i dont love you
or that i will not miss you when i die
but because i want you to have a good life
when im gone live long

She turned away the tears rolling down her face
spoke to the sincerity of her tirade
that moment i swore to myself
i would follow her advice, i would do my best to enrich my life
i will never forget those words she said
in that sunset
i will never have any regrets
yes i will never forget that sunset.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I like this, its cute.

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