Speak It Breathe It Burn It Delete It. (vers.1.0)

Speak it breathe it, burn it delete it
Don't analyse the ryhme feel it
Trim the lines till they fit the fine switch
between poetry and witchcraft
there's no magic used sept that in your heart
where these words are carved because this is a specific art,
suited better for the darkness,
we aren't focused on the limelight,
I don't write for that, I don't speak for that,
I don't like that, I never asked for fame,
that's not the game I want to play,
they aren't the things I want to say,
I never want the way I blaze trails
to be censored I only ever want to amaze
with the words in my head,
and it fascinates me that any
would choose the light out of choice,
that they would seek approval
to show what they doin is right,
these words will never be in any textbook
they are for the hearing not for you to look,
they aren't for analysing, they are what they are.
No apologies, no mercy.
Now I'm thirsty but the thirst that hits me is to keep going,
explain the illusionary and tear of the masks we don in this society,
I never was political but I got something to say,
these words can't be trapped on a page,
they would just fly away,
I got so much to share I don't even care if you listen,
cos approval isn't my mission,
if all I accomplish in this tirade
is to save one person from blindly accepting the matrix
my job is finished,
we are born free and die in chains
the bonds placed on us again,
we're imprisoned by context and culture,
like this society has no future
it will spiral selfdestructedly I broke my chains,
refusing the fame that society places,
refusing the importance of a name I took a new one,
my pseudonym, and with that hidden gem of knowledge
that I am shapeless like the sand
I will bring this land to its knees with my literature,
because the country is diseased and individual awakening is the only cure.
Speak it breathe it burn it delete it,
don't analyse the ryhmes feel it.
Stop dreaming wake up to the reality of this rotten country.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Version one, because i like those lines at the start and finish but im iffy about the middle. One of two poems written on a train in under 30 minutes.

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