Multiculturilism isnt in your manifesto.

The system devours
Scouring the people of their power
So march with me, this is your hour
Says the man, in the raggedy suit
Wearing great big leather boots.
Soon as he's left the stage he's changed
Now he walks through the dark
And as he walks past the dogs bark
Because they smell a shark
Dressed up like a banker
And everyone who knows him thinks he's a

I was never interested in the political as a rule that door was closed to me, I didn't care about the city because I thought the city doesn't care about me then I realise that isn't how it works that not caring like that is shirking my duty. To learn about the system that controls and divides my country. So I learn, I read the books and watch the politics show, I study economics and I study romantics. I read up on the london seen by blake, and I find I give a lot less to literature than I take.

Now I'm back, a newly minted coin with a mind to purloin the reigns of power, to join and mesh people together from everytown and all different cultures. See that's what they don't mention, those politicians with smiles like crocodiles who charm the working man with public schoolboy wiles.

We are the product of a multicultural society a true accepting welcoming democracy, people make this land their home.
Some just try to do the best they can, some rebel agains the man, but they all put down new roots in this soil.

That's what I love about my town, that means I can have a samosa and chips and speak poetry with a frenchman who can make words his bitch and switch inbetween different tongues who can inhale english air into french lungs, and expel magic.

We write to portray our worldview us poets, hoping its something different something brandnew that you have never thought of too. This is my poem my lifes song, this is my united kingdom.

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