Beauty Isn't just skin deep

I have had enough of a media ideal
enough of being told what to eat in my meal
enough of being told what to wear and how to feel,
isn't it funny how as you get more fake you become more real.
But I am a tactile man who is only happy
with something he can touch, that rough feeling under my hands
I see fingernails with traces of sand
from when we went to the beach
and stayed there all week and we dangled our feet
in the waves we stayed up all night to rave
and we braved the cold for a quick smoke
and we sat inside telling dirty jokes
and I chuckled deep from the pit of my throat.
You looked so sweet, natural, no makeup
good enough to eat, you were a treat
for all of my senses, and you left me senseless
suprised and breathless even when you just woken
and if i could be frozen in time
with the moment your eyes met mine
and the sunlight caught the edge of a hint of a smile
that looked more wonderful than any cosmetically rearranged
and impoosibly changed woman, i would be completed then.
So much in this world is manufactured
they predict our reactions
and encourage a fractured sense of self.
But the truth is beauty isn't just skin deep,
its in the way you laugh the words you speak,
its in the burdens you bear, the secrets you keep.
I hope we are not too moulded by a media machine
whose goal is only conformity.
If everyone spent four hours in hair and makeup
we would all be supermodels soon enough.
So listen to me, the bolemics and anorexics
and those worrying about their weight,
the way you look naturally is great,
if you truly want a change then alls well
but you shouldn't have to put yourself through hell
to follow the words of someone who tells you
you aren't beautiful enough,

cos those who are ugly on the inside never find love

so I say once more
do I have to keep on telling you that beauty isn't skin deep,
the truest of beauty is something that comes naturally.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something i felt like writing :)