Ambassador Youth

I present to you
The hypothesis that I am an ambassador for the youth
A notion backed up by the truth
I embody your expectations of those my age
I can see you subconciously note my reactions
So you can apply them in different situations
But tonight I will attempt through persuasion
And unexpected elocution
to change your views
By the end of this poem,
these words I keep spittin
I want you to feel kinship with me
I want you to shiver, hear the catch when you breathe
I want to move you before I leave
See kids my age,
they are full up with so much rage,
at a system which seems to them a cage they are pushing for change,
but they are ignored.
Yeah most are bored,
they need to be stimulated,
that way they are less likely to turn to the hatred
which is propogated in our cities and towns and yes there are some around
that rob, mug and steal and hit the ground the ones who dissapear without a sound. They are warlike in an age devoid of war, and they are sure
that nothing will ever be as exciting as going out tooled up,
they can never get enough of that feeling
and if the only hazard is getting roughed up, maybe stabbed and left bleeding then they are too hooked on the feeling
of carrying concealed weaponry
they are just another kind of druggie these adrenaline junkies.
Some people are in relationships full of love,
long term enough that it would cut to break apart,
and if push comes to shove they are more together than people twice their age
. Some are young mums, left by the wayside by a bunch of wiseguys
who were only in it for the lust and lies. Some barely adults some just 15. Some are mature, some are just children with parents who are hating,
that they sold themselves cheap,
some parents are berating and some would die for them,
some fathers who are this close to killing him.
Some who manage to stay friends
and some couples stick together to the end. Some step softly living quietly happy lives. Some have had enough of the pain have had enough of their lives
and are sat in a bath as the rain falls down, and they split veins with razor blades
. Some can't imagine jumping in front of a train. While others would embrace it,
some get their kicks from ripping their friends
and some are first to compliment
some are senselessly crossing lines,
some are too kind and some find they are just trying to fit in.
Some despise and others are despised.
And then there is me, I love words, the power to create worlds
and to make my voice heard.
My mission today was to change the way you think,
because if we stay apart too long this country will sink
. We demonise each other turning brother against brother.
But I reckon if I can make enough friends I can delay the worlds end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't really deserve credit for this. Its the truth but mostly its a bit mugged off of kate tempest's the teen speech. Well worth watching if you enjoyed this.

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