Did you sleep well last night
Were you sound asleep on a winter night
Where you warm between the sheets
Did you have sweet dreams
Was there joy, romance, movement action
Or was it a calmer more sleepy conclusion
Did you sleep softly
Did you become free
In dreams unrestrained by the laws of the land
Did you manage to achieve more than you possibly can
Or was it a dark night, a stark night
That left you wishing for warm dawnlight
Were you frightened by nightmares
Were you scared, were you awoken gasping for air
I want to know whether you slept easy
Whether you slept warmly shifting freely
Cos you seem to sleep all of the time
So it would be nice to think the sleep is sublime
Or am I merely wishing for your happiness to fit my ryhme
See I'm writing poetry to express expressions
Never written to merely present information
So I want a reply to my honest enquiry
So tell me, did you sleep softly?
Did that few hours of subconcious thought allow you to breathe
Was it a wrench to leave a land of dreams
Or is it just me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written before I went to sleep. Last night I had a bads night sleep too. Oh the irony.

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