Do you want to carve out a new path
Do you want to light a candle in the dark
Do you got shadows in your past
And are you the first to die and the last to laugh
Then walk with me, cos I will set you free
I will make you into the man you want to be
I will personally check your path for stones
I will take notice of the way you speak, your tone
I will make sure that you are never alone
I will pull you back from the abyss and take you home
So will you stand with me as the sun rises
Will you throw off your petty disguises
I will give you wings to make you fly
We can go so high that we could touch the sky
And now it is the newfound empowering sound
That can tear you down or give you a crown
They hate you if im being truthful
Cos you got potential, your youthful
And the light in your eyes is beautiful
And there is something magical
About the potential you have
How could anyone be so sad
What did you ever do to make anyone so mad?
They would burn the shoot before it germinates
They would kill you off they would terminate
The first signs of movement that you would create
Because they can only destroy only berate
They cannot nurture or nourish
They don’t see why they should encourage
A young talent like you to flourish
But we will surprise them all
We will play them for fools
Because together we have the tools
To create something wonderful
On a scale that it biblical
Making a brand new lyrical
Revolution, occupy a sea of change
We will become a brand new wave
That can wash the stink of this city away
Cos the city is full of decay
Old men who don’t know that today is the day
We stride in smelling fresh dropping sea spray
We are something they have never seen before
We are opening a window when they close a door
We are the ones who will win for sure
Because we have a disease without a cure
We have ambition
And yeah we are constantly stumbling and tripping
But have realised we want more than we are gripping
There’s no use clipping my wings ill steal new ones
Ill come find you, the wind at my back
And ill be ringing your funeral bell
I will be singing a dirge to send you to hell
I will be right behind you, to see you fell.

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