Aprils Poem

This is a difficult problem to crack
Gathering words in an ode
To a girl who likes cats
When I started talking to her I was thrown
By how scary she seemed to be
And how she never lost an argument
In fact it was actually somewhat creepy
The way she scared me, the way she didn’t relent
She wants to do history in the future
I know she likes chocolate for sure
She watches lots of movies
And I suppose spends quite a while chatting to me
Her name is april, a month of beginnings
Set near the start of spring
A time of living, of new starts of beginnings
But it is also a time of endings
Alpha and omega
You know nothing greater than this season
And this is her name, though she was born in march
Her name seems to personify something of her heart
Its difficult to express through this wordy art
How difficult it is to find a place to start
Yeah april is blonde, with a warm personality
Smiles the the sunshine kid, blindingly bright
Golden, like sunlight she could step in the limelight
And make it hers
Its cool sometimes to meet someone so nice it hurts
I wonder if I have written enough,
But heres the rub
No matter how many words I couldn’t describe a person
Im not that skilled yet in rhyming words and verses
But I don’t think anyone is
You cant imprint personality, only list
Things about her and description
But that’s just mindless information
A poem can tell you what someone smells like
But not there scent
A poem can say that her skin was white and beautiful
She looked heaven sent
But that doesn’t tell me anything man
What about what she looks like with a tan
But I can do my best
So heres the rest of a poem
Dedicated to a girl I don’t know
Just because im a show-off
But im making an effort
in case she wants to know me better
And if this is a catalyst into a new persons mind
If this is the bridge that shows me up in those eyes
Then it is enough
People got love for that
So what have I forgotten,
Lets see she wears glasses
Or used to, in the past
Now she seems to wear contacts
Although there isn’t anything wrong with that
She got a nice smile yeah,
She can beguile you
With tales of cats and films
Like the kings speech she can persuade
Hear shes been married twice
She was divorced by becky
Hangs out with the whores, but shes nice
I bet if I asked for chocolate shed set me
She likes Swedish films about tattoos and dragons
A film trilogy where the films didn’t drag on
Im sat at an edge of a chasm of information
I have no hope of expressing
So ill finish while I still can
Because im only a man
And only you and God can know everything
Only you know how you think
Now im finished this epically long
Surprise composition. I need a drink.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for april norris on her instigation. It took me roughly 17 minutes to write she will be happy to know.

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