So many faces
So many new places
So many names
Because I don’t want fame
I don’t train my mind
Ill say it again
I don’t want fame
Im not blind though
I can see how arrogant it makes me
Always wearing a mask
And before you ask
And task me to tell you at last
Why I wear these masks
I don’t have to tell you
And you can yell and shout
But I wont tell you
And that’s the truth

So I name you child
I say your grass spirit, your wild
I call you the wolf, the one who runs
Who used to be lonely, now has his chums
I call you wolverine, you are obscenely hairy
And you and the hero you look completely alike
I call you Mr Invisible waxing all lyrical
Yes your mind is a miracle and it isn’t biblical
I call you jack spratt, the man who eats no fat
And makes his own room to swing the cat
And writes sad films and that
I call you The Captain the one who came again
The first of your psuedonyms the first
I call you CJ for your father
I call you Connie for your Mother
I call you CWLT for your sister
I call myself shambles on my own
I name you Adams for the first man
I name you child so many names
You may never gain the fame
That others seek
But ill give you words to speak
And you will release
Those emotions and it will feel so good
For now put In your headphones, push up your hood
Pull out your writing pad
Keep going even though the lightings bad
And they will realise they have been had

So many names apart from the true name
Ill give that to the one I love the one I spend the rest of my life with
And the rest of you can take a running jump

I have so many names
Been so many places
Seen every single race
Seen every single nationality
Seen a whole world
Despite all this
I don’t NEED fame
I don’t WANT fame
Until I am happy
With being me
Ill keep this mask

But what will happen then you ask?

I will crush it down
Make it powder
Scatter it to the wind
And show you myself
And I will never stop smiling
Because I will be happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I realised how many different pseudonyms i actually have. Decided to write a poem, listened to happy frank turner so it was less depressing than i expected but more self aggrandaising than i prefer. Frank Turner Love ire & song

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