What are city teens created from

You don't know who i am
I havent got a plan
i just am what i am
im a new wave of adolescence
who's mere presence
is enough to strike fear
when the older generation is near
but while you are still here
ill tell you about me
You ask what am i made of
i tell you there is no God
see little boys are made of
sticks and snails and puppy dog tails
thats what there made of
but im not a boy
im not a man
im inbetween on the threshold
i got bones of broken glass
and my blood runs cold
theres no grass in these veins
youd be insane to even think it
it rains all year round
but doesnt sink into the ground
see round here there is no dirt
and the building winds sting so sharp they hurt
See my feet are cobblestone
closest streets to my home
unforgiven they break bones
but they are so warm
these gutters will protect you
but i expect you don't know that
country boys feel like the city attacks
before you start to chat shit
listen for a bit
My thoughts are like the internet
connected and yet independent
my eyes are wide, filled with depression
and joy and obsession we see in every girl and boy
who is part of this town
So what is a city teen created from
Well he has bones of broken glass
feet of cobblestone
mind like an internet and his eyes are wide
he knows more than any who came before
thats what city teens are created from

Author's Notes/Comments: 

felt like this.

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