Monkey suits (who do you think you are?)

Who do you think you are
in your flash car
by far
the most annoying laugh
following the same path
as your dad, same car
same house same watch
im here cotching on the train
late for everything again
but with enough friends
its never the end
ill twist the map and make my own path
Fuck it
I don't need to have a life plan
coz i already have a life man
and if you can write and
live, thats enough, i don't need grands
just shrapnel
i don't need more money, ill just let fewer pennies fall
and do you know this life is wonderful
its absolutely incredible,
i do what i love and im paid, thats magical
if you loved your job twice as much
you would take half the pay
no stop, i dont want to hear what you have to say
cos im already speaking and spittin new bars in new ways
and true say whenever i lay a new bar
you laugh callously
but its just jealousy
you really want to be me
no restrictions living free
day by day but you feel complete
i don't need to see your eyes to know it
you got the money for the drugs? blow it
i don't need em, my minds already flowing
and if words were light id be glowing
so even though you know what im doing
you can't stop me
And in ten years time, when the banks burnt you out
and you scream whenever you see some drunken lout
and your kids "chat shit" but you dont know what its about
im there, and i dont need to scream at the lout
my kids never even have to hear me shout
im never burnt, thats the lesson i learnt
if you love it do it
if you hate it? Screw it
thats the way you keep going from the day to day
and thats how i keep going
I breakdown each week in to days each day to hours
each hour to minutes each minute to seconds
I preserve my time in rythm and ryhme
but i let it flow past, so fast
when i don't need it, can you feel it
Thats poetry
thats me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spoken Word influences me and i read that money haiku and all the lovely people who commented on it and i thought, lets try it again.
I am not paid to be a poet. i Just wish i was.

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