A Jump

The waves roll over this forgotten waste
As the tears roll down this screwed up face
You do not have to kill
to leave someone broken
it doesnt take any skill
all it needs take is token,
throwaway words that don't matter
only they do and thats the problem
you left her crushed, mad as a hatter
you left her alone, left her with them
the demons, the ghosts and the phantasms
the memories of what she had and might of had
and the ripples of memories transfer to physical spasms
she cant feel anything, no happiness she can't be glad

The rain is coming down, faster and faster
a downpour or a deluge to cover her in liquid matter
she isnt dressed for this weather
she isnt like she used to be, tasting the rain
she is walking all huddled against this pain
but she cannot hide from what comes within
her only solace will be that it is not forever
because how can it be, you said you would watch over her
but you lied, left her with darkness and sin
what is wrong with you, dont you know the impact you have
dont you know what you can do to a girl, shes fragile
but you just shit all over her feelings, it makes me so mad
and she couldnt see you for a mere little while
and you ran away to some hussy
because you couldnt deal with the commitment
you left her all alone, left her with nobody
after all she did for you, all the money that she spent

You coward and you worm
see how the coat turns
he is too scared of this little girl
so scared he left her all alone in the world

This piece is coming to a crecendo
because we can already see what the girl will do
she is climbing the tower
looking for a ledge
she is finally feeling empowered
enough, perhaps to jump over the edge
She is on the threshhold
in the rain and the cold
she is embracing the biting northern air
she is no longer afraid no longer scared

The feelings that she once had are gone
blown away in the fury of this storm
she feels empty a mere shell
and her life starts to feel like hell
She takes a deep breath, stops for a cry
shuffles along, and her parents sigh
they wonder why she hasnt come back
she was late last week, what if she was attacked?

They could not grasp the horror of what is still to come
they could not imagine what she believes must be done
she closes her eyes and leaps out into the abyss
because of that other girl she saw you with sharing a kiss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem to the tune of a piano piece. To joel you depressing bugger for making this possible. The piece i based it on is here http://www.youtube.com/user/JE2361#p/c/B3BC0C4B97209375/4/mMI8D7X-L8U

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