Wisdom Teeth (drugs and love)

kiss my ass, and f**k you too,
you hurt me more than a wisdom tooth
whatever i did, it was always wrong
so now im just chillin on my own with a bong
take a hit, (breathe in)
yeah thats nice
cypress hill got something right
having a puff
mm, thats the stuff
now my Tv is just a box of lights
one last kiss?
i've had enough of this
already got my lips around this spliff
phoned me up
weeks since we last spoke
but im rolling up a doob
and im having a toke
your getting mad, dunno what to do
m mate passes me a joint and im having a two's
you say i never cared, that i never will
im too busy taking these pills
im in the corner skanking on skunk
you don't recognise me, im just some punk
think about you all the time,
when im snorting up lines
and when you yelled, cos i was taking crush
shouting at me, saying it turned my brain to mush
i loved me more than you could know
but i couldnt help sniffing up on the blow
if i could go back one or two years
to when i called you babe and you called me dear
before the dealers and the junkies became all that i know
if i had the minerals, man if i had the stones
id say these words to you on the phone
give me a kiss, and hug me too
i love you like my wisdom tooth
you caused me hurt yeah, and you caused me pain
but i wish we were together again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

drugs can destroy a relationship in some cases. based partly on real life. Someone i know

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