Its Hard to Remember

Sometimes its hard to remember
Its nearly christmas, nearly december
I cant reconcile that innocent joy
Every child feels opening thier toys
With my loneliness, the void i feel inside
Listen closely as i forget my shame and pride
Im gonna take you through my mind, prepare for the ride
I been single too long i don't know what im doing
Like an apprentice blacksmith with a horse that needs shoeing
I dunno what to say to ask her out
I dont even know what shes thinking about
Im scared to go slow but im petrified to go fast
If im gonna really go for it, i want it to last
But im scared i guess, of being rejected
Or maybe im scared of being closely inspected
I have worn so many masks i don't even know which is real
Im getting numb i don't even know if i still feel
But we have mere decades to inhabit these shells
Then we are consigned to our heavens or hells
So ill try my best to liv ewithout a care
Tear off my flesh and bear my heart to the air
Ill cast the dice, let the chips fall as they may
Ill gamble and let the emerald lady decide the day
So darling take this leap of faith with me
Let destiny decide what we will be

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