Words Make Wordsmiths

If you cut me do i not bleed
But its just gallons of red ink
Taken from the books i read
Those words changed how i think
I find myself looking for the plot
Reading conversation in metre and rhyme
And even if i could i don't want to stop
I would rather spend my days improving my mind
Wearing literature always, like a cloak
I read voraciously i'm a glutton for words
For the speeches and romances that stick in your throat
For poetry on daffodils or the flight of birds
See english is amazing, and words can become anything
You can right free verse, leave the metre leave the rhyme
You don't need a rythm
No need for structure
Your words are acrobats and you can contort them how you like
And words are power you can make people believe black is white
Put pen to paper and release the dams in your mind
Express emotion instead of locking it away
Write like a simile, a stone cold metaphor
Give it personification so it speaks
Or pad out your writing with cliche or stock phrases
The skys the limit, as blue as your eyes
There is joy in the spoken word you just need to find it
So pick up the tools the pen or the keyboard
Your imagination, take in a new view, a new world
You always have something you can say
And you can speak or shout it in your own way

Words make king and fortunes
Can make a man, or break a man
They control us and at the same time
give us freedom
They make this man holy, a priest
and this man a heretic, little more than a beast
This man a slave, and this man his owner
They give the deaf man ears and the dumb man a mouth
They cost nothing, but they can be priceless
Words are scientists or magicians

But most of all, most of all words make wordsmiths of us all.

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