Summon up the ghosts of our past
And relive a life that was meant to last
Forget about the ending and focus on the telling
Of the life story and not the journey to heaven
No more crying or moping around hereafter
Just remember all of the smiles and the laughter
He lived fast even though he ded young
and his life was jam packed even if it wasn't long
If you didnt think he was loved, that he had no friends
Check out how many people were at the funeral in the end
How many people were teary or sad
And how many people were actually glad
To send him off before he burned up
Like a candle thats just had enough
The man was a joker, a regular class clown
Made you smile all the time when he was around
And stabbing that girls hand with a pen was out of character
But she was annoying anyway and nobody liked her
But everyone liked him, he was pretty good looking
Good at chatting up girls and not bad at hooking
Up with any girl that he wanted
But in the end the man always got shafted
He had money though, not all of it legal
Enough knock off jewelery to make you look regal
Yeah i gues he was a good man, hell be missed
'Cos he left his missus with a fight not a kiss
Gave her a swollen belly, and left her a bun
Died before he even knew he had a son
I guess he would have made a good father
But now truth be told it doesn't really matter
He has gone so far from his earthly problems
But if he's listening ill take care of them
Yeah he was a good man, too good for this world
And although i feel sorry for his boy and his girl
I'll remember him fondly till the day i die

Then he'll buy me a drink in heaven and say hi.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not about anyone in particular, its just there has been one or two deaths of friends or friends of friends and i thought i'd write a eulogy. The stabbing with a pen incident is true and i know someone selling knock off jewellry but alas they are both alive and different people.

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