Rioters? I name you charlatans
You have no reason to riot
Your enemy is not the government
Its Boredom
You are generation X the unwanted
but why do you want to smash and break
Why will you burn, hurt destroy livelyhoods
For what?
You yell out a higher cause a great justification
But the truth is, its just sport to you
and as the man cries over his smashed up shop
you pass by in your hoodies and you dont stop
you keep going and you keep running
From What?
You run from responsibility from jobs and taxes
and you blame the policeman the visible target
for all of your wrongs, who do you think you are
You argue your rightness but cover your faces
why do you hide?
Shame is why, its the poison to your pride
at fighting the system, because your doing it the wrong way
and you ignore the locals and whatever the newscasters say
because you know your wrong
and its too hard to be right
and you sleep troubled each night
And shame kisses you goodnight
You riot over your own faults
and nothing else
Fools and children you cause only tears

Rioter? I call you charlatan

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem about the current riots in brixton

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