You Jelly?

So i saw you lookin at the tats on my belly
An im wondering now, son, are you jelly?
See i spent all of my money
the guy thought it was pretty funny
Said i should go home before i got it inked
I should check it out, research it and have another think
But i wanted great warrior on my back, (i know right, pretty swish)
my friend told me what to put (hes chinese knows more than some english)
So i went out and i got the tat on my belly
and for the second time son, are you jelly?
The man finally turned around
with a smile and a frown
he looked the tattoo up and down
Said that the chinese character that you have on your belly
Stands for Little Dick. (And im Definately jelly!)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the last of the triumvate. To be perfectly honest this was composed when i was toying about with the words "You Jelly?" (jelly meaning Jealous) and trying out ryhmes.

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