Summer Sunshine (In Reading)

Sunlight dappled
Crisp packets crackle
People bare their skin to catch a tan
Girls in vests outside macdonalds, Man
The blokes walkin shirtless at twenty degrees
People getting out of the sun, picnics under trees
Kids skipping in the sunlight to avoid the dog messes
and theres some girls with a pint chilling in long summer dresses
Happiness in every gaze that i meet
even the drunk nearly passed out on the end of the street
I wave at the junkies the tramps and my friends just the same
thank god that its finally summer again
I guess the direction im heading
is just another crappy summer in Reading
But for all its faults i wouldn't change this town for anywhere
i walk down the street with a smile and without a care.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Second of my three poems, this is possibly one of the happiest ones i have written in a long while on the way to the train.

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